Graphic Design

All graphic design services are provided by Studio M

CMR Web Studio - Graphic Design

Logo Design / Redesign

Need a new logo for your business? Looking to have your existing logo cleaned up or redesigned? Whether it’s a simple series of initials or a more complex idea, we’ll give you an identity that stands out.

  • Text Logos $150
  • Illustrated Logos $200
  • Logo Redesigns $75-100
  • Logo Clean-ups $50-75

CMR Web Studio - Print Media Design

Print Media

Need a business card or brochure? Looking for a poster or t-shirt design to promote your band? Whatever you need, we’ll create the design for it.

Note: Print media prices cover only the design of the artwork, not production costs.

  • Business Cards $100-200
  • Posters/Banners $50-150
  • T-Shirt/Merch Designs $50-150
  • Pamphlets/Brochures $100-200

CMR Web Studio - Web Graphics

Web Graphics

Looking to express yourself on the web? Our services include any and all graphical work pertaining to websites, including but not limited to: website headers, banners, buttons, backgrounds, WordPress theme elements, Facebook covers, profile pictures/avatars.

  • Web Graphics $20/hour

CMR Web Studio - Character Design

Character Design

Have an idea for an original character? Have a sketch you’d like to see brought to life? In addition to graphics work, we design and draw cartoon characters in a variety of styles.

Note: Characters must be original and not violate any copyright laws. (ie: we’re not doing Superman fighting Raiden.)

  • Character Design $50-100 per character

CMR Web Studio - Vectoring Artwork

Vectoring Artwork

The advantage of vector graphics over pixel/raster graphics is total scalability, allowing for clean, crisp lines at any size. If you have a drawing or simple pixel/raster image you’d like converted into vector outlines, we can take care of it.

Note: Images/drawings must not violate any copyright laws.

  • Vectoring Artwork $20/hour