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10 Jan 2013
January 10, 2013

Wish I Would’ve Found Them Sooner

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Ever had great ideas, but lacked the technological knowledge &
understanding neccessary to get them out of your head and into the world
in front of you? Christian Rapp is like the Pied Piper in his skills for
enticing my ideas and information to come out of my head and onto my
website! The pages are organized and flow from topic to topic in a way
that comes alive to my audience.

The site is easy to navigate, pleasant to view, and holds all the
information that I need to impart to my readers, without coming off as
busy & chaotic. Pictures, graphics, explanations, articles and statistics
are available at one’s fingertips. When one of my pictures is sub-par, or
completely lacking, Christian always has the resources & creativity to
deliver a more suitable one to meet my needs!

Convenience and clarity are on EVERY page! I especially LOVE how each page
is interfaced with our Twitter and Facebook pages. In addition, we are a
non-profit and Christian understands the critical need for funding to help
our endeavors. Not only is there a ‘Donate here’ tab prominantly placed on
each page of the site, but his tips for networking through social media
and in the community have helped immensely in making a name for ourselves
around town.

With much larger companies, the uniqueness of your own site, and the
personal touch are sorely lacking! Who wants to choose from the same,
limited selection of templates that millions of other companies are also
choosing from? Neither my business, nor my audience fit into a cookie
cutter or a mold! It can be especially frustrating when you repeatedly
hear, “we don’t do that, we only set up the site” from so called customer
service “specialists” in another country! “CAN’T” is NOT in my vocabulary,
& it shouldn’t be in my website development company’s, either.

His expertise and services never end with a computer screen. They flow
between the virtual and the physical networking/marketing worlds as easily
as air between rooms in an office! I recommend his services regulary at
networking functions and I am always proud to link my name with his
company, publicly. Have you ever felt frustrated because you found out
simpler ways of doing things that you would have known sooner, had you
only asked the right questions? Christian makes suggestions that give you
the information you need NOW.

The only disappointment I have had in working with Christian, is that I
didn’t find him before I wasted so much time & energy trying to figure it
out myself!

Kudos, Christian! Your work and services are worth much more than your fees!