HARD Drive Space vs. RAM If you’re in any kind of computer field, you most certainly know the difference between RAM and hard disk drive (HDD) space. However, the older generation (i.e. your parents and grandparents) that are using computers often don’t know the difference. Many people that know me know that I work with computers.. read more →

I’m writing this article because, last week, a friend of mine asked me if I could get some files off of his old computer that he said didn’t work anymore. I told him I would, and asked him what was wrong with his computer. He simply said that it didn’t work anymore. I informed him.. read more →

The internet is truly an amazing place being used by more and more people every day. The internet allows us to research products and services before we buy them, catch up on the latest news, watch movie previews, check our bank accounts and so much more! The internet allows us to stay socially connected, too… read more →